Live Dinosaur
Classification Table

As we update Ancient Beasts with order, family, genus, and species details, we’ll update the live dinosaur classification table below. You can quickly click on a link to take you to what you want to see.

We’ve always been fascinated with dinosaur classifications, as it shows us how species and families are linked to each other in the tree of life. Sure, we’re still investigating and gaining a better understanding, but at least there’s some foundation in the science of how they’re related. It’s one thing to love dinosaurs; it’s another to study every detail of them.

Our team has developed a live dinosaur classification table for the species we’ve covered so far. You’ll see in which order, family, and genus the ancient reptile falls under with a link to the main article. If you don’t see a link or name as yet, it just means we still need to cover content for it.

Please bear in mind that we’re basing our table on the latest dinosaur classification method. Should this change in time to come, we’ll do our best to update it. For now, we’re following the standard that most paleontologists and dinosaur students use for taxonomy.

Live Dinosaur Classification Table

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