Top-Rated Dinosaur Board Games

"Find your perfect dinosaur board game. Read about seven top board game choices, including general game rules, age ratings, and pricing."

Dusting off the old treasured board games was one silver lining during the Covid pandemic. The board game industry has noted a decent increase in sales in recent years, with nearly 60% of households owning up to 25 board games and card games. Within four years, it’s predicted that the worldwide board game industry will increase by 13%.

In addition to being a form of entertainment, playing board games can strengthen social relationships and increases brain function, especially with problem-solving and higher-level strategic thinking skills. Board games are also a super way to reduce stress levels and trigger endorphins to create feelings of overall happiness.

There’s no need to stomp around the shops in search of the perfect board game for your dinosaur-obsessed family member. We took it upon ourselves to unearth the top-rated choices.

The Seismic Seven

Scroll down to find your hidden treasure. We looked at price points, difficulty levels, skill sets, and overall entertainment value.


Build your very own dinosaur zoo with the cute dinosaur ‘meeple’ characters. Players aged eight and up participate in two rounds. Each round begins by dipping in the bag to select six dinosaur ‘meeples’. Each zoo contains different pens where chosen dinosaurs are placed. The various pens have different restrictions. The die will show a certain constraint for the rest of the players.

‘The Forest of Sameness’ pen can only hold the same species of dinosaurs, ‘The Meadow of Differences’ pen can only hold different dinosaurs, and ‘The Prairie of Love’ pen only includes dinosaurs in a specific pattern, ‘The Woody Trio’ pen can only include a maximum of three dinosaurs at a time, and ‘the King of the Jungle’ and ‘Solitary Island’ can only hold a single dinosaur each.

Once all players have six dinosaurs in the pens, the second round begins and follows the same format as the initial round. The game is designed for two to five players, and the player with the most points wins the game.

God Loves Dinosaurs

This cool strategy game for two to five players is a great family activity. Players aged 8+ need to create a food chain within an ecosystem, showing how predators can survive by not allowing their prey to become extinct. The game consists of one large animal board, individual ecosystem boards, animal tiles (dinosaurs, eagles, tigers, rabbits, rats, frogs), eggs, and nests.

Players take turns selecting and adding a single tile to their individual ecosystem boards. The tiles depict different animals on the food chain. By placing animals strategically, breeding can occur. The more animals you eat, the more eggs you can collect, and therefore the more points you will score.

God Loves Dinosaurs

This award-winning game allows three to five players to manage the evolution and survival of the dinosaurs. Players take turns guiding their dinosaurs to temperate climates and collect the right genes so their dinosaurs can grow and even mutate by spending mutation points.

The game consists of six rounds. Every time a round is completed, a meteor moves closer to earth. The game ends when the meteor strikes. The winner of the game is the player whose dinos have evolved the most successfully during the game. Evo is recommended for ages 12 and up.

Dinosaur Bingo

This bingo game will help children aged three to eight learn about the different dinosaur species in a fun and exciting way. Created with gorgeous illustrations, the game consists of a large game board, Jurassic counters, and reversible bingo cards. The game follows the traditional bingo rules and includes numerous dinosaur species over and above the usual T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and Brontosaurus.

The Fabrosaurus, Maiasura, Pamparator, Alvarezsurus, and Edmontosaurus are some of the more unusual dinosaur species included in the fun. Dinosaur Bingo is designed for three to eight players.


Reminiscent of the infamous Monopoly board game, Dino-opoly is a property trading game with a dinosaur theme. Various dinosaur species are included in the game. Two to six players can select and buy their chosen dinosaurs, collect fossils and bones, and trade in their dinosaurs for museum exhibits to progress in the game. Fans aged eight and up, with a love for everything dinosaur-related and the traditional Monopoly board game, will get a real kick out of this board game challenge.

inosaur Escape Game

This adventure game promotes decision-making and problem-solving skills for all little dinosaur fans aged four years and up. Relying on young children’s memory and logic skills, players collaborate with each other to help the lost dinosaurs find their way out of the ferns before the volcano erupts! Players uncover identical dinosaur cards to rescue the lost dinosaurs. The game includes dinosaur tokens, a large game board, one die, fern tokens, and a volcano puzzle. Two to four players can enjoy Dinosaur Escape.

Monopoly: Jurassic Park

Monopoly fans with a soft spot for dinosaurs will enjoy this traditional board game with a twist. Players aged eight years and up need to ensure Jurassic Park is protected from the T-Rex. Inspired by the popular Jurassic Park movie, participants play as a character from the movie and receive dinosaur currency when passing ‘go’ and activating the electronic gate.

The sound effects produced will indicate the amount of currency received. Players build protective fences to charge other players more rent. Monopoly: Jurassic Park is an excellent choice for dino fans of all ages.

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