20 Top Ark Survival Evolved Merchandise You Don’t Want To Miss

"Are you a fan of the Ark Survival Evolved video game and are looking to get your hands on some merch? Find the best Ark merch here."

Ark Survival Evolved is a popular survival game that places the player in a prehistoric world where they have to survive harsh climates, dangerous prehistoric animals, and even dinosaurs. Although the depiction of some of the dinosaurs is inaccurate, it still gives dinosaur lovers an entertaining experience of interacting and surviving amongst these creatures. 

So if you love Ark or know someone that does, you’re in luck! There is a myriad of highly amazing Ark game merchandise that would send any fan of the game over the edge with excitement. Being a fan of the game myself, I can guarantee that any item on this list will be met with shrill, excited screams and a lot of appreciation.

In this list of the best Ark Survival Evolved merchandise, we’ve conveniently split our list into categories to make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. The merchandise and topics we’ll be covering include:

  • 3 best gaming and gadget-related merchandise
  • 7 best clothing and apparel-related merchandise
  • 5 best book-related merchandise
  • 5 best decor related merchandise
  • How did we select the best Ark Survival Evolved merch?
  • Tips when buying Ark Survival merchandise

3 Best Gaming And Gadget Related Merchandise

What’s a better gift to an avid gamer than more gaming equipment or gadgets? Let’s take a look at some of the best Ark Survival Evolved gaming and gadget-related merch.

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check out our Ark Survival Evolved review!Review of Ark Survival: Evolved and How Accurate it is
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Ark Survival: Evolved is a survival game with prehistoric animals such as dinosaurs. Here’s our review of what to expect, including inaccuracies.

Ark Survival Evolved Large Gaming Mouse Pad

If you enjoy Ark on a PC, then why not enhance your experience with this mousepad? It is a large gaming mousepad that provides enough room for you to enjoy your gaming experience without struggling with a sliding mouse or keyboard. It also provides a strong grip to keep the pad from sliding around while battling it out against an Alpha Raptor.

top ark survival merchandise
Great for: PC gamers with a large gaming setup.

Ark Survival Evolved Standard Size Washable Mouse Pad

If your gaming setup is on the smaller side, or if you just prefer the standard-size mousepads, this graphic one will surely delight you. This mousepad is also washable, making it super durable. The beautiful design gives you that touch of the game right at your fingertips.

top ark survival merchandise

Great for: PC gamers with limited space who prefer standard-sized mousepads.

Ark Survival Evolved RGB Game Desk Pad

This large game desk pad has 14 RGB lighting modes and features a beautiful Tek Stegosaurus on the front. The desk pad comes with a USB to conveniently connect to your PC or laptop and light up, making your gaming experience even more enjoyable. 

top ark survival merchandise

Great for: Gamers that enjoy a nice lit-up gaming station.

7 Best Clothing And Apparel Related Merchandise

Why not show your love of the game by sporting a themed T-shirt or cool hoodie? Let’s take a look at some of the best clothing and apparel merchandise.

Ark Survival Evolved T-Shirt

Looking for a fun T-shirt that shows your love of the game? This t-shirt is made from 100% cotton and features the Ark logo with a roaring T-Rex. These colors are visually stunning against the black t-shirt.

top ark survival merchandise

Great for: Any Ark fans that enjoy wearing t-shirts.

Eat, Sleep, Tame, Repeat T-Shirt

If you enjoy funny tees that don’t have a clear logo on them but that fans of the franchise will easily understand, this fun t-shirt is perfect. This t-shirt comes in men’s, women’s and child’s shapes and sizes, as well as a range of colors to choose from.

top ark survival merchandise

Great for: Ark fans that enjoy fun tees.

Ark Crypto Hoodie

If you enjoy graphic hoodies and Ark, then this hoodie is the perfect option! This unisex high-quality cowl-neck hoodie features a distressed Ark logo. It also comes in a few different colors to choose from.

top ark survival merchandise

Great for: Hoodie fans that enjoy playing Ark but prefer understated logos instead of full images.

Ark Survival Evolved Backpack

This printed backpack is perfect for the ultimate Ark fan. It features a fully printed design that stylishly covers the entire bag. It also features a slim design with padded shoulder straps and back for added comfort.

top ark survival merchandise

Great for: Anyone looking for a themed backpack that’s ideal for daily use.

Ark Drawstring Bag

This drawstring bag is colorful and fun and features the Ark logo. This lightweight sack bag is ideal for carrying your sports equipment and clothes or any items you need while hiking or even shopping. The drawstring closure makes it easy and convenient to use for everyday purposes.

top ark survival merchandise

Great for: Everyday use and carrying items such as gym clothes, water bottles and more.

Ark Survival Evolved Baseball Cap

This baseball cap is made from high-quality materials and features an Ark logo and image on the front of the cap. The cap is also in two-tone colors (aside from the image) of black and sky blue, which makes the image stand out even more.

top ark survival merchandise

Great for: Fans that enjoy wearing baseball caps.

Ark Survival Evolved Keychain and Necklace Pendant

This set includes an Ark logo keychain and necklace pendant in one purchase. You might want to change out the necklace’s chain for a sturdier one, but considering the prices, you can easily do that, and it’s still affordable and cool-looking Ark merchandise.

top ark survival merchandise

Great for: Ark fans that also enjoy wearing jewelry or keychains.

5 Best Book Related Merchandise

We’ve collected the best Ark Survival game merchandise for anyone with a creative spirit or who enjoys unique and interesting books and stationery.

The Unofficial Ark Guide

This unofficial guide is the perfect companion for any Ark player. Not only does it share the basics for anyone starting with Ark, but it also includes helpful building and taming guides as well as an extensive creatures encyclopedia. 

top ark survival merchandise

Great for: Anyone who enjoys having books on their favorite games.

Ark Survival Evolved Coloring Book (Design 1)

This coloring book is ideal for children or adults. It features a few different ways to destress and be creative, either by coloring, or using dots, lines, swirls and other shading techniques. The book is made from thicker, high-quality paper to ensure colors don’t bleed through when using felt pens.

top ark survival merchandise

Great for: Anyone who enjoys unwinding by coloring in or being creative.

Ark Survival Evolved Coloring Book (Design 2)

This is another coloring book featuring different designs than the previous one. Again it’s suited to older children and adults and offers so many more creative ways than simply coloring in. You can also use lines, swirls and dots to create interesting effects.

top ark survival merchandise

Best for: Creative individuals that enjoy relaxing with a themed coloring book suitable for adults and older children.

Ark Survival Evolved Photobook (Design 1)

Ark presents dinosaurs and other extinct creatures throughout the game, so what better way to enjoy the game even more than by having a picture book displaying some of these amazing animals? This photo book contains high-quality, full-page images for fans of the game to pour over and enjoy.

top ark survival merchandise

Best for: Fans that enjoy high-quality images.

Ark Survival Evolved Photobook (Design 2)

Enjoy even more Ark with this full-color picture book showing dinosaurs, creatures and other interactions from the game. These photobooks consist of high-quality, glossy images and a convenient paperback that makes flipping through the book easy.

top ark survival merchandise

Best for: Fans that want a lovely coffee table photobook to peer through.

5 Best Decor Related Merchandise

If you want to bring a little bit of the game into your home, why not do so with some unique decor? Find some of the best Ark game decors on this list.

Ark Survival Evolved Record Wall Clock (Design 1)

What better way to add some Ark merchandise to your interior decor than with this interesting wall clock? The designs have been cut from a vinyl record to produce an exciting and appealing wall clock.

top ark survival merchandise

Great for: Fans of the game looking for interesting decor pieces.

Ark Survival Evolved Record Wall Clock (Design 2)

This is another great vinyl record wall clock featuring a different Ark design. These clocks feature a silent clock mechanism, making them ideal to use in any room, including bedrooms. They also use AA batteries, making it very easy to exchange the batteries when they run low.

top ark survival merchandise

Great for: Fans of the game looking for interesting vintage-inspired game decor.

Ark Survival Evolved Canvas Wall Art

This wall canvas features unique artwork from Ark that matches the diary entries players can find throughout the game. They come in a range of different sizes, meaning you can choose the perfect size for your space.

top ark survival merchandise

Great for: Anyone looking to add an interesting art piece to their wall. 

Ark Survival Evolved Modular Canvas Wall Art

If you’re looking for a feature piece that stands out above anything else, this modular canvas Ark wall art is perfect. This decorative piece consists of five separate canvases that form the Ark logo and backdrop together. 

top ark survival merchandise

Great for: Anyone looking for jaw-dropping Ark-themed decor.

Ark Survival Evolved Beer Mug

This item is a stainless steel beer mug encased in a wooden casing in the style of Ark. It also features the Ark logo on the front. Although we think it makes the perfect tabletop decor for any Ark lover, this is also a fully functioning beer mug which can be used for drinking from as well.

top ark survival merchandise

Great for: Beer and Ark lovers, makes a great tabletop decor or functioning beer mug.

How Did We Select The Best Ark Survival Evolved Merch?

When it comes to buying anything online, many people still have some reservations. That’s why we removed the headache from your shopping experience by ensuring that these products come from reputable providers. Before including a product on our list, we take the following consideration into account:

  • Price of product compared to the quality
  • The value that the product will provide
  • Rating and reputation of the brand or shop
  • Reviews from previous clients

Tips When Buying Ark Survival Merchandise

Due to the increase in popularity of Ark Survival Evolved, many brands and shops are popping up selling Ark-related merchandise. While it’s not always official Ark merchandise, that doesn’t always mean it’s low-quality products. To ensure you buy products that you’re happy with, you can use the below tips while shopping:

  • Check if there is an official product of the one you’re looking for.
  • Never rely only on the photos provided.
  • Make sure to carefully read the product description so that you know what to expect.
  • Always make sure to check the rating of the brand or shop overall.
  • Read the reviews of the specific product before making a purchase.
  • Always check the product guarantee or refund policy in case you aren’t happy and need to send the product back.

Final Thoughts

Looking for game merchandise for yourself or as a gift for a loved one can sometimes be challenging. In this list, we’ve given you 20 of the best Ark Survival Evolved merchandise across a range of categories so that you can choose the perfect items.

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