Top 6 Dinosaur Collectibles In 2022

"Interested in starting your dinosaur collection? Or want to know what to get another dino enthusiast? Discover the best dinosaur collectibles."

When it comes to dinosaurs, there’s no denying how captivating these creatures can be. We all know that one friend who loves dinosaurs to the point of being obsessed. But what do you get the person that loves dinosaurs?

This article will be looking at some of the best dinosaur collectibles for 2022. They’re also no longer just for children. While they can still enjoy them just as much, many collectibles can now become true pieces of art when displayed correctly. And what better way to enjoy your passion than being reminded of it throughout your home? Make sure to keep reading to discover a few genuine gems when starting a dinosaur collection.

The Top 7 Dinosaur Collectibles Of 2022

Top 6 Dinosaur Collectibles 

During our search for the top dinosaur collectibles, a few brands stood out. Some of these can be given as toys or displayed to remind us how fleeting life can be. These true apex predators reigned supreme for millions of years before a cataclysmic event wiped out most of them. Life finds a way, and with some of these in your collection, you can be reminded of that every day.

The top six dinosaur collectibles we’ve found are:

  • PNSO Dinosaur Figures – Best accurate representation and variety
  • Recur Dinosaur Figurines – Best realistic collectibles
  • CollectA Prehistoric Life – Best quality figurines
  • Schleich Dinosaurs Collectible Series – Best for multiple collecting
  • Jurassic World Dominion Collectibles – Best for fans of the Jurassic World movies
  • Potus31 3D Models – Best for self-building

PNSO Dinosaur Figures

If you’re a dino enthusiast, I urge you to look at PNSO. This brand creates some of the most accurate scientific models, posters, toys, clothes, and more related to dinosaurs. A scientific artist and scientific writer founded the company in order to bring science to life for children and adults alike. Through this, they’ve created amazingly accurate dinosaur models and books. Their PNSO Dinosaur Museum collection features a few scientific art models of dinosaurs created to scale. They’ve even gone so far as to give names to the models like archaeologists do when uncovering a fossil. 

The Top 7 Dinosaur Collectibles Of 2022

However, it doesn’t stop there. They have so many other collections that there is definitely something for everyone and every design style. Just take a look at these amazing desktop models featured in their desktop series. Don’t you think they’ll make amazing bookends?

The Top 7 Dinosaur Collectibles Of 2022

Recur Dinosaur Figurines

Recur creates amazing figurines spread across many different series, from wild to mythical and prehistoric. Their dinosaur figurines are nicely designed and posed, making them a great addition to any collection. Their collection is also quite accurate – for example, you’ll be able to find a feathered T-Rex figurine. Aside from this, we love the fact that they share a lot of the specific dinosaur facts for each figurine.

The Top 7 Dinosaur Collectibles Of 2022

CollectA Prehistoric Life

CollectA creates a range of hand-painted mini-figurines. Their Prehistoric Range features many different dinosaurs. Thor models are accurate, realistic and made to scale. This makes them an ideal choice for children and collectors alike. They also provide some information on each dinosaur, including some fun facts, which makes the shopping process even more enjoyable.

The Top 7 Dinosaur Collectibles Of 2022

Schleich Dinosaurs Collectible Series

Schleich is a brand that also features some impressive dinosaur figurines. While it appears to be aimed at children, these figurines are beautiful enough to be included in any collection with pride. If you’re the type of person that enjoys the thrill of surprise packets, you’re in luck. Their surprise packets contain three miniature dinosaur models each. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a younger dinosaur lover, they also have interesting play sets that make enjoying your collection even more fun if you’re a child. Not a fan of playsets? No problem, as they also have individual dinosaur figures that you can buy.

The Top 7 Dinosaur Collectibles Of 2022

Jurassic World Dominion Collectibles

Since the popularity of the movies, the famous toy company Mattel has released multiple Jurassic World collections. There is the Dominion, Legacy Collection, Extreme Damage and the Hammond Collection. Within each of these, there are multiple ‘waves’ released that include a few different dinosaurs. This is a wonderful collection to start for anyone that loves the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies.

The Top 7 Dinosaur Collectibles Of 2022


When it comes to a dinosaur collection, some enthusiasts prefer a skeletal model. Even better if they can assemble it themselves. Potus31 produces amazing miniature 3D model kits that users can build themselves. They also have a wide range of dinosaurs to choose from. Their all-in-one kits have everything you need, including tweezers and a magnifying glass. The kits come in wood as well as metal

The Top 7 Dinosaur Collectibles Of 2022

Some of the sets include a beautiful glass dome for your dinosaur to display, making a real statement.

The Top 7 Dinosaur Collectibles Of 2022

Why Are Dinosaur Collectibles So Popular

We’ve already established that dinosaurs are fascinating creatures. This is one of the reasons why they remain so popular millions of years after becoming extinct. In the past, there was a certain point when people believed you outgrow your collections and replace them with more adult ones. However, now you can proudly display your love and passion for these prehistoric animals by displaying dinosaurs throughout your interiors. Dinosaurs are no longer just toys for kids to play with or creatures to watch in movies. If you love dinosaurs, you can enjoy them at any age.

The Top 7 Dinosaur Collectibles Of 2022

How We Picked Our Top Selection

We took quite a few considerations before deciding on the top dinosaur collectibles to add to this list. We didn’t just want the typical dinosaur toys; we wanted something a little more which all ages could enjoy and appreciate. Here are some of the considerations we took into account when compiling this list:

  • Is the collection of high quality?
  • Do they try to represent dinosaurs as accurately as possible?
  • Can anyone enjoy the collection?
  • Does the collection feature multiple dinosaurs?
  • Do they feature any extras or bonuses that set them apart?

Final Thoughts

When it comes to dinosaur collectibles, there has definitely been a shift in what’s available. While dinosaur toys are a dime a dozen, collectibles are much harder to find. However, that seems to be changing as more people of different ages continue to enjoy these prehistoric creatures. For example, PNSO doesn’t just create accurate scale models but also gorgeous desktop models. These are works of art and can effortlessly be included in your decor. Potus31 also includes glass domes with some of their kits, making the ideal display piece once assembled.

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