The Landscape of Dinosaurs

The Mesozoic period saw a vast change in the landscape of dinosaurs during that time. We’ll investigate the terrain geography that supported these ancient beasts.

Paleogeography studies the geography of the Earth’s lands in prehistoric times. It’s one of the geosciences that looks at many aspects in history, such as the latitudinal distribution and layout of continental landmasses. In essence, it shows us what the physical landscape of dinosaurs was like.

Many scientists are of the same belief that there was one massive continental landmass called Pangea before the tectonic plates split apart and formed the continents that we know today. Paleogeography help us reconstruct the interaction of the land with the atmosphere and oceans, as well as giving us some idea of the climate zones. We can also in some way model how mountain ranges and topography may have looked.

Of course, we want to primarily focus on the rock formations and land as it concerns the mighty ancient beasts. We’ll study what the landscape was like for the dinosaurs and what impact magnitism had on the continent. Stay tuned for more articles on this topic below!

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