Popular Dinosaur Cartoon Characters

"Check out this list of dinosaur cartoon characters that have appeared in various movies and TV shows. Which one was your favorite?"

Dinosaurs have been a favorite topic when it comes to cartoons and other forms of entertainment for many years. They already take up a huge part of our imaginations, and we still haven’t discovered all about dinosaurs. 

So here are some of the most popular dinosaur cartoon characters within the entertainment industry, and you may know some of them.

Popular Dinosaur Characters

Dino from The Flintstones

Dino is the pet of Fred Flintstone, and he has made many appearances in the show. Dino is a friendly dinosaur that loves to eat bugs and help his friends. Dino first appeared on the show in its second episode, called “Dinosaur for Sale.” In this episode, Fred wanted to buy a new car but did not have enough money. 

He decided to sell Dino off to get enough money for a car. However, when Fred’s wife Wilma heard about this, she told him they could not sell their pet dinosaur because they loved him too much.  

Popular Dinosaur Characters

Purple Dinosaur Barney

Barney is a popular dinosaur cartoon character who has been seen in television and film since the early 1990s. He is known for his warm personality and his love of children. Barney’s popularity has led to many products being created in his likeness. These include clothing, books, toys, backpacks, lunch boxes, bed linens, and more! 

Popular Dinosaur Characters

Rex from Toy Story

Rex is a popular dinosaur cartoon character who first appeared in the Toy Story franchise. He is a T-Rex and is often depicted as being small, green, and with a big head. Rex has appeared in almost every Toy Story movie in some way or another. 

Rex is known for being good at playing hide-and-seek and his ability to speak English despite being a dinosaur. Rex can speak English because his owner Andy plays with him so much that he learns how to talk without realizing it.

Popular Dinosaur Characters

Yoshi from Super Mario World

Yoshi is a popular dinosaur cartoon character who first appeared in Super Mario World, a platform game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Yoshi was created by Shigefumi Hino and designed by Takashi Tezuka.

Yoshi’s debut game was released in Japan on August 27, 1990, and in North America on May 1, 1991. Yoshi’s second game came out in 1992 for the NES and Game Boy consoles. It was also ported to the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) console in 1993. The game became available on Game Boy Advance as part of the Classic NES series in 2003.

Popular Dinosaur Characters

Big Bird from Sesame Street

Big Bird is a popular dinosaur cartoon character. He is the main character on Sesame Street, and he has also appeared in several movies and specials. He is known for his large body and head and his yellow feathers. In addition to being a popular dinosaur cartoon character, Big Bird has been praised by parents for helping children learn how to read.

Big Bird was created by Jim Henson and Caroll Spinney in 1969 and debuted on Sesame Street the following year. Since then, he has become one of the most popular dinosaur cartoon characters on television, with millions of children watching him every day on Sesame Street.

Popular Dinosaur Characters

Littlefoot from The Land Before Time

Littlefoot from The Land Before Time is a popular dinosaur cartoon character. He is a young Apatosaurus, a plant-eater with a long tail and four short legs. His skin is green, and he has brown hair on his head. He has large eyes and small ears. 

Littlefoot is one of the main characters in The Land Before Time series of movies. Littlefoot’s name comes from his small size compared to other dinosaurs; he is only about half as tall as an adult dinosaur of his species.

Littlefoot’s parents are Bron and Petrie; they raised him until they were killed by Sharptooth when he was still very young. Littlefoot then went on an epic journey where he met up with other dinosaurs like Cera, Ducky, Spike, and Chomper (who later became friends with him). They faced many dangers together before finally reaching The Great Valley, which became their home.

Popular Dinosaur Characters

Spike from The Land Before Time

Spike is also from The Land Before Time and is a young brontosaurus. He is a close friend of Littlefoot and his friends, who call him “Spikey.” Spike has a very big appetite and enjoys eating green food. He is usually seen with a long tongue sticking out of his mouth as he chews on plants. 

Spike lives in the Great Valley with his mother and father, also brontosauruses like him. He also has an older brother named Chomper, but he hasn’t appeared in any movies or TV shows so far.

Popular Dinosaur Characters

Bowser from King of the Koopa

The cartoon character Bowser from King of the Koopa is a popular dinosaur cartoon character. He is a large dinosaur with spikes on his back and tail, yellow eyes and teeth, horns on his head, long claws on his hands and feet, and a red shell on his back. Bowser loves mushrooms because they make him grow bigger so he can eat more enemies. 

Japanese animator Shigeru Miyamoto created Bowser in 1986 as the main antagonist of Nintendo’s game Super Mario Bros. He kidnaps Princess Peach and takes over her kingdom while Mario attempts to rescue her and stop him from destroying Toad Town with an army of monsters he has kidnapped from other kingdoms. 

Popular Dinosaur Characters

Arlo from The Good Dinosaur

Arlo is a dinosaur who appears in the Disney/Pixar film The Good Dinosaur. Arlo is a young Apatosaurus who is separated from his family during a storm and finds himself being raised by a human boy named Spot (Jack Bright). Arlo becomes accustomed to life with humans over time, but he still longs for his kind. 

Popular Dinosaur Characters


Dinosaurs are popular cartoon characters, and they aren’t going away anytime soon. Regardless of why these creatures have remained so popular, it is impossible to deny that they have made an indelible impact on Hollywood, TV, cartoons, and movies.

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