Enjoy The Exhibit At The Pokemon Fossil Museum With A Virtual Tour

"Experience fossils in a new and exciting way with the Pokemon Fossil Museum virtual tour. Discover how to attend the virtual tour here"

Yes, we know that Pokemon aren’t real creatures – although we sometimes wish they were. Still, this latest exhibition from the Japan Natural Science Museum and the Pokemon Company has us all excited. This creative exhibit is designed to get anyone interested in fossils, especially younger children, by making an exhibit that excites, interests, and teaches them. Better yet, this exhibition can now be enjoyed by anyone worldwide through a virtual tour.

So get ready as we explore more about the Pokemon Fossil Museum, its virtual tour, and what you can expect.

pokemon fossil museum virtual tour

More About The Pokemon Fossil Museum

This exhibition was a collaboration between Japan’s National Science Museum and the Pokemon Company. The Pokemon franchise is well-known worldwide for its video games, animated series, and movies. However, the company doesn’t only want to entertain their fans; they try to work in some learning along the way with a focus on fun. 

Fossils already play a big part in the Pokemon universe, and they’re featured in many of the stories and games. Many Pokemon are also based on real-life creatures. Omanyte, for example, is based on the prehistoric creatures called Ammonite. Aerodactyl is based on pterosaurs. Bastiodon is based on ceratopsian dinosaurs like the triceratops and Tyrantrum, based on the fearsome T-Rex. There are also many more examples of Pokemon based on real creatures. 

The Pokemon Museum has been moving all across Japan. The exhibition started in Hokkaido last year and then moved to Shimane and Tokyo before finally arriving in Toyohashi, where it unveiled the virtual tour globally. The virtual tour is entirely free and can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home, classroom, or anywhere else via smartphone, computer, or VR headset. 

The museum stays in Toyohashi until the end of November. The website currently states that other venues may be added, but nothing has been confirmed yet. So, make sure to take part in the virtual tour before the end of November…or risk missing it.

pokemon fossil museum virtual tour

What Can You Expect To See?

The exhibits include scale models side-by-side with fossilized versions and even, in some cases, fossils of their real-world counterparts. There are also numerous information panels that share even more about these creatures and their real-world counterparts. The displays are in Japanese; however, there are more than enough images and visual comparisons to make it enjoyable for anyone to visit. Besides, the quality of the virtual tour is so good that you can use a second device with a text translator to read the information in the language of your choice.

Another fun effect they added to the virtual tour was a tour guide. Keeping true to the theme, you’ll be guided around the museum by none other than Pikachu himself. Excavator Pikachu, as he’s known, is dressed similarly to Dr. Alan Grant from the Jurassic Park franchise, adding a fun twist to the virtual tour. 

How To Visit The Museum?

The Pokemon Fossil Museum virtual tour is available until the end of November. You can take the virtual tour here. It is completely free to attend, so you should take advantage of this opportunity while it’s available. You will need a smartphone, tablet, computer, or VR headset and a stable internet connection to get the most out of your experience.

pokemon fossil museum virtual tour

Final Thoughts

This exhibition gives children and fans of Pokemon a new way to enjoy these creatures while also getting people interested in fossils and science as a whole. Make sure to hop online and take the tour before the end of November when the exhibition in Toyohashi ends.

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