The Dinosaur Shelf: 16 Of The Best Dinosaur Fiction Books for Kids

"Head over to The Dinosaur Shelf and find 16 of the top-rated fiction book titles for tiny dino fans and dinosaur scholars, including brief synopses."

There’s no need to waste time browsing the book aisles yourself. We’ve dug up the top-rated children’s books for dinosaur fanatics. In our list, we’re showcasing the top fiction books for kids in different categories.

kids dinosaur fiction books

Titles for Tiny Tots 

Read on to unearth popular books for the preschool age:

The Good Dinosaur - Bill Scollon

Based on the smash-hit Disney/Pixar movie, The Good Dinosaur tells the story of a lovable Apatosaurus and his human companion. Fans of the movie will enjoy accompanying the characters on their brave journey through the pages of the book.

The Good Dinosaur - Bill Scollon

A perfect addition to the bedtime routine, renowned author Jane Yolen introduces the reader to eleven animated dinosaur characters with detailed illustrations, rhythmic verse, and a touch of wit.

Little Dinosaur (Ten Minutes to Bed) - Rhiannon Fielding and Chris Chatterton

This ten-minute bedtime countdown follows Rumble the triceratops on his adventure through the jungle in the Land of Nod. With pictures rich in color, the rhythmic verse maintains a steady beat as the story unfolds.

How Do Dinosaurs Learn to Read? - Jane Yolen and Mark Teague

A hilarious twelfth addition to the immensely popular ‘How Do Dinosaurs’ series, this book describes the comical antics of dinosaurs exploring the subject of reading. After throwing books in the bathtub, the dinosaur characters learn how to read and treat books with care!

Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug - Jonathan Stutzman

Tiny T. Rex’s physical size poses a problem when trying to hug his larger friend. Important lessons of perseverance, bravery, and kindness are woven into the fabric of this delightful, heartwarming tale.

How to Catch a Dinosaur - Adam Wallace

The Catch Club Kids try to track down a dinosaur for their school science fair. This popular picture book includes age-appropriate scientific information to broaden a child’s knowledge in a funfilled, humorous manner.

Dinosaur Sleepover - Pamela Duncan Edwards

A delightful tale of a nervous dinosaur who is too scared to attend a sleepover. After using a plethora of comical excuses, Dinosaur doesn’t miss out on the fun, thanks to his little boy who teaches him how to be brave and face his fears.

I Can Roar Like A Dinosaur - Karl Newson

Although small in stature, Mouse is on a mission to prove to the meerkat, the warthog, the chameleon, and other animals that any creature can roar as impressively as a dinosaur. Before Mouse can complete the mission, a large prehistoric creature enters the story…!

Tyrannosaurus Drip - Julia Donaldson

With a nod to the traditional tale of the Ugly Duckling, a duckbill dinosaur egg lands up on a T-Rex’s nest, resulting in a delightful story of a misplaced hero, in true Julia Donaldson style. Fans will enjoy the enchanting illustrations that add an extra layer to the light-hearted tale.

Knock Knock Dinosaur - Caryl Hart

With Nick East’s eye-catching illustrations, Knock Knock Dinosaur introduces numbers in rhyming verse. Follow the story of dinosaurs visiting, making themselves at home, and wreaking havoc while teaching children how to count.

Dinosaurs Love Underpants by Claire Freed

Join the side-splitting fun with T-Rex and his dinosaur pals in their underpants war! The colorful, engaging artwork help to bring these Jurassic antics to (pre-historic) life. It’s also recommended as a useful way of practicing the read-aloud technique.

Dinosaurs Don't Draw - Elli Woollard

With brilliant visual graphics and rhyming style, meet an arty dinosaur who’s misunderstood by his whole dinosaur family. He finally gets to show what he is truly made of when a scary T-Rex arrives on the scene - with a bit of help from his artwork.

Storybooks For Scholars

Discover what’s lurking on the shelf for older children:

A Dinosaur Ate My Sister - Pooja Puri

Accompanied with engaging, comical illustrations, join young inventor Esha Verma, her apprentice Broccoli, and her crafty tortoise on a daring adventure as Esha’s sister uses their newly invented time machine and blasts back into the past - to the Cretaceous period!

Time Flies - Eric Rohmann

Words aren’t required in this gorgeous time-travel adventure as the rich, colorful pictures tell the story. The evolutionary history between dinosaurs and birds is illustrated in this powerful book.

Dinosaurs Before Dark (Magic Tree House Series #1) - Mary Pop Osborne

A firm favorite with readers for over two decades, the Magic Tree House series began with Dinosaurs Before Dark. The tree house takes Jack and Anna back through time to the prehistoric era to begin the first of many adventures.

The Enormous Egg - Oliver Butterworth

Originally published in 1956, this classic children’s story is a beloved choice. Nate Twitchell watches a giant egg hatch into a triceratops on his family farm. Mishaps ensue as Nate attempts to look after the growing triceratops!
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