"If you love dinosaurs and you're in the United States, you won't want to miss any of these dates lined up for the holidays. Check them here!"

Jurassic Quest dinosaur events lined up for the holidays

Those of you living in the United States are in for a treat. Jurassic Quest is a fun weekend of events where you and the family get to enjoy dinosaurs in several new ways. The schedule is lined up until the middle of next year, which means you have a great opportunity to attend during the holidays!

Sure, we’re a bit early, but we wanted to make sure you don’t miss any of them. Let’s check the details of what Jurassic Quest has to offer.

jurassic quest dino tours

Have fun at a Jurassic Quest event near you

If you haven’t heard of Jurassic Quest yet, it’s time to become educated. This tour takes place in several States in America, and they usually happen over the weekend so that you can your children can enjoy the show. There’s plenty to enjoy with a full line-up, so let’s take a look at the details.

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When and where does Jurassic Quest take place?

Jurassic Quest has several dates planned for the United States over the holidays and months to come. If you want to see when they’ll be coming to you, there’s a schedule of dates and locations on the site. The closest date is this weekend from 21 to 23 October in Grand Island, Nebraska. 

If you want to attend any of the events, you’ll need to click on the date card to head to the relevant ticket page. There, you’ll need to choose a date you want to head to Jurassic Quest. You’ll also see information about how to get to the event location.

Enjoying your time at Jurassic Quest

There’s a host of activities to enjoy when you spend the day at Jurassic Quest. It doesn’t matter if you’re an adult or a child; you’ll all have fun with one of the events that weekend. 

Here’s a summary of some of the things you can do:

  • Riding a dinosaur: Don’t worry; it’s not a real one, as these are all animatronics. This isn’t the Jurassic Park movies come to life.
  • Bounce houses: Children can enjoy jumping around inside a bounce house with dinosaur themes.
  • Dino crafting: There will be a crafting table for you and the children to make some dinosaurs!
  • Fossil digging: You’ll see some fossils that need to be excavated. Learn how to be a paleontologist.
  • Baby dinosaurs: It’s time to spend time with the smaller dinosaur merchandise and toys on your quest.
  • Exploring ancient oceans: While dinosaurs are the main attraction, you’ll also see some marine reptiles from ancient times!

Jurassic Quest will also be going to Canada!

For those of you in Canada, you’ll also be able to enjoy Jurassic Quest. There’s a different schedule for Canadians, starting from November 11, 2022. Be sure to check out the dates and locations so you don’t miss out.

jurassic quest dino tours

Which one will you be attending?

If you’re able to go to any of these events, I envy you. It should be loads of fun, and I’m sure you and your family will enjoy it. Remember to book your tickets in advance so you can reserve a spot for that weekend. Also, take loads of photos so I can see how much you enjoyed it!

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