"The Jurassic Encounter live tour has been on for a few months now, but it's almost over. Read here how you can attend one of the last ones!"

Experience the UK/EU Jurassic Encounter live tour before it ends!

The Jurassic Encounter made its UK debut live earlier this year in April. Since then, it’s been traveling between cities, displaying its magnificent animatronic dinosaurs for everyone to behold. Situated within forest environments, you’ll walk among them and see them move and roar as you pass.

There’s only one event left for the year, taking place in Bristol, England from 15 to 30 October 2022. It’s your last chance for an exhilarating experience with these ancient beasts!

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Attend the Jurassic Encounter live tour in the UK/EU

If you live in the UK and in or near England, you’ll want to make your way to Bristol before the end of October. The Jurassic Encounter live tour is almost over, and there’s so much to enjoy before it ends. Let’s look at the exciting details of this event!

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What is the event all about?

The Jurassic Encounter live tour features 50 animatronic dinosaurs that are relatively to scale based on our notions of what size they were in prehistoric times. There are species from all three periods in the Mesozoic Era, namely, Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. 

Each body part moves, and you’ll hear sounds as you pass them in the forest. There’s the almighty roar from the Tyrannosaurus rex, and you can feel the skin of the Triceratops as it looks down at you. There are also educational aspects on the tour where you can learn about the different species on show.

The final event in Bristol, England

Besides seeing the dinosaurs at the Jurassic Encounter live tour in Bristol, you’ll have a pleasant day out with your friends and family. It’s the final event of the year, which means you have just over a week left to experience it. 

You won’t go hungry at the event. There will be plenty of food and drinks on sale at various locations, ensuring that you won’t starve among the dinosaurs that would otherwise feast on you. Looking at some of the gallery photos, the setup looks a lot like the Jurassic World Evolution 2 game with the fences and layout.

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Event details

The event takes place at Ashton Court, Long Ashton, located in Bristol, England. There are different ticket prices at the door and online, so you’ll have to see on the site which will be better for you. If you opt for online tickets, you’ll need to check for specific days in the coming week. Prices range from £10.50 for children to £12.50 for adults to £42.00 for families. The online prices are cheaper than buying at the door.

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Time to head to Bristol!

Make sure you don’t miss this exciting opportunity if you’re near the location. There’s so much to explore and do, and you and the family will have a roar of a time. Just remember to take spare money with you so you can have a lovely lunch en route through the dinosaur park. Also, please share any photos you take at the event with us on social media. I’m dying to see how much fun you had.

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