How long has man been here compared to dinosaurs?

"Have human beings been on the earth longer than dinosaurs have? We look at the start of the human race and its different groups."

Question: How long has man been here compared to dinosaurs?

Answer: Humans appeared 5 – 7 million years ago, while dinosaurs existed 165 million years ago

human dinosaur time on earth

Explanation: How long has man been here compared to dinosaurs?

Our human ancestors made their first appearance on the earth between five and seven million years ago, while dinosaurs existed for a total of 165 million years! So we are babies compared to dinosaurs when it comes to existence on planet earth. But the modern form of humans evolved 200,000 years ago. At the head of our lineage, we had the Ardipithecus, this primate group which was based in started to walk upright, making it easier for them to explore and use their hands and fabricating tools, such as weaponry which I believed helped them for hunting.

Then you had the Australopithecus group, which existed two to four million years ago. They walked upright and climbed trees. Then you had the Paranthropus, who existed between one and three million years ago, there were known to have large teeth, so probably a bigger appetite as well.

The homo group came afterward; this group contains our species, the homo sapiens, which appeared on the earth two million years ago. Bigger brains were the specialty of our species, plus the ability to make tools and move away from Africa; to be precise, the homo sapiens group was created when a portion of the homo group started to move away 60,000 to 80,000 years ago. Through this great migration to other parts of the earth, the homo sapiens groups achieved dominance.

human dinosaur time on earth

If you wanted to know when homo sapiens were anatomically evolved, it would be 300 000 years ago. But through archaeology, objects such as cave art, artifacts, and tools indicate that cultures and different technology, and modernity in behavior evolved 50 000 years ago. Because of this evidence, scientists believe that homo sapiens were not always modern.

When homo sapiens first appeared, their tools and artifacts were elementary compared to hunting-gathering groups such as the indigenous Americans but better than the Neanderthals. It was 65 000 to 50 000 years ago that tools started to look a bit more advanced and well thought of; we could see the creation of bows, fishhooks, spears, sewing needles, and ceramics.

People started making representational art and instruments made from animal bones, such as a bird-bone flute. Some evidence shows that homo sapiens that lived in Australia had mastered seafaring.

This sudden growth of technology was called the “great leap forward,” which suggests that the human brain had evolved into a modern brain. However, DNA and fossils show that human intelligence was modernized earlier.

So, dinosaurs were on the earth longer than us, whether the appearance of our first human ancestors or the modern homo sapiens.

Elisha Hosea

Elisha Hosea


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