Famous Dinosaurs in the Jurassic Park Film Franchise

"Check out this list featuring the most impressive ancient beasts and their hybrids spring into action in the Jurassic Park films."

Jurassic Park is a popular name among movie lovers. The film franchise comprises two trilogies, and the six films do a commendable job in introducing us to the Mesozoic era beasts. Numerous dinosaur species have made their appearances in these films. However, you should take the info on dinosaurs with a pinch of salt, as not all of it is accurate. These sci-fi adventure flicks feature some real dinosaur species, while some are created only for entertainment.

So, without further ado, let’s explore some famous real and imaginary dinosaurs from the Jurassic Park film franchise.

famous jurassic park dinosaurs

Tyrannosaurus rex

The first dinosaur image conjured in our minds when we hear of Jurassic Park is that of the T. rex. This dinosaur appears in all six films, and the Jurassic Park logo is a T. rex skeleton. One of the most terrifying creatures to ever exist on this planet; even watching this theropod dinosaur on the screen will give you the creeps. The films manage to give a correct portrayal of this beast with their ingenious puppetry and CGI technology. 

famous jurassic park dinosaurs


Another theropod featured in Jurassic Park is the Velociraptor. The infamous raptors appear in every film of the series, always ready to make the audience’s skin crawl. However, in reality, they are believed to be much smaller in size than they are in films. They’re among the fastest dinosaurs to walk on earth and the most intelligent, but in reality, they weren’t as clever as depicted in these movies. 

famous jurassic park dinosaurs


Another apex predator and one of the largest carnivores on earth is the Giganotosaurus. Also known as Giga, it made its first appearance in the latest film Jurassic World: Dominion. In the words of the producer Colin Trevorrow, “I wanted something that felt like The Joker. It just wants to watch the world burn.” Following its first discovery in 1993, paleontologists believe that this theropod species lived in Argentina during the late Cretaceous and was larger than the T. rex. 

famous jurassic park dinosaurs


The first dinosaur you can see in its entirety in the Jurassic Park film is the Brachiosaurus. It’s a gigantic sauropod with a giraffe-like neck. It’s easy to be intimidated by its enormous size, but not all giants are predatory and flesh-eating. 

Watch these huge herbivore dinosaurs minding their business eating foliage from tall trees as they’re introduced in the film. According to Empire Magazine, this scene was cinema’s 28th most magical moment. 

famous jurassic park dinosaurs


Another herbivorous dinosaur, the Stegosaurus, made its first debut in The Lost World: Jurassic Park. According to the director, they included this dinosaur in the movie due to popular demand. You can easily spot this guy in the film due to their distinct appearance, resembling rhinos. It has a spiky tail, a tiny head, and plates along its spine.

famous jurassic park dinosaurs


Dilophosaurus is one the most curious-looking dinosaurs in the films, appearing in Jurassic Park and Jurassic World: Dominion. It might look cute at the outset until it spreads its frill, hisses, and spits venom like a fireball. The film portrays it to be smaller than its actual size. Despite its comedic appearance, you don’t want to touch this thing with a ten-foot pole.

famous jurassic park dinosaurs


The filmmakers introduced Spinosaurus in the third film to replace T. rex, as they wanted a more distinctly-looking antagonist. It remained a significant character for the subsequent two movies but didn’t make it to Dominion. Spinosaurus is the largest of all carnivores. According to the discoveries, they were semi-aquatic dinosaurs and had large spines along their backs.

famous jurassic park dinosaurs


Triceratops are herbivores bearing a resemblance to rhinos. They’re adorned with large frills on their necks, two large horns on the head, and the third one over their beaks. Watch this touching scene from the first film showing Ellie and Alan caring for a sick Triceratops dinosaur.

famous jurassic park dinosaurs



“She’s Curious, She’s Showing Empathy.”

Blue first appears in Jurassic World and continues to inspire awe in the audience in the subsequent films. Blue is a female raptor hybrid and is an alpha among her pack. You can see her showing affection and loyalty towards Owen. She has white and metallic blue stripes, as she was created from the DNA of African monitor lizards.

famous jurassic park dinosaurs

Indominus Rex

InGen lab’s scientist Dr. Henry Wu created the Indominus rex hybrid by altering the T. rex’s genome with the DNA of various theropods like Velociraptor, Giganotosaurus, and Carnotaurus, among many others. He also included the DNA of modern animals like a cuttlefish, a pit viper snake, and a tree frog.

famous jurassic park dinosaurs

Scorpios Rex

Dr. Henry Wu first created the hybrid Scorpios rex and kept it frozen and captive in InGen’s secret tunnels. It’s a medium-sized theropod and the first hybrid created by Dr. Wu. He made it by combining the DNA of Tyrannosaurus, Carnotaurus, Velociraptor, scorpionfish, and a tree frog.  

famous jurassic park dinosaurs


Created in a hidden lab in Lockwood Manor, Indoraptor is a hybrid dinosaur, sharing characteristics with the Indominus rex and Scorpios rex. Watch this abominable beast tapping his sickle-shaped claws and unleashing carnage in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.  

famous jurassic park dinosaurs
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