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Meet the Dinosaur Team

Our dinosaur team consists of a mixture of experts and passionate individuals who all have the same love for these ancient beasts. Meet our wonderful members.

dinosaur team

Here is the dinosaur team that brings you the latest news and articles on prehistoric animals and way of life. They each have their own expertise and passion they bring to the table, with a wonderful bio to show how much they enjoy these topics.

Our Team

Since a young age, Shaun has held a fascination with dinosaurs. He still has the dinosaur magazines he collected since the 80s, along with the sketches he drew of these ancient beasts in his teens.

His love for dinosaurs remained with him as he collected books, movies, and games featuring these outstanding prehistoric creatures. He also studied them privately on the side, learning as much about them as possible. His children have inherited his love for them, hence why you’ll find so many dinosaur toys lying around. It’s from this passion that he decided to manage a website devoted to them.

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Leri, like many others, developed a passion for dinosaurs and prehistoric life after watching Jurassic Park many, many years ago. Since then, she’s always had a particular interest in these ancient beasts.

Whether it’s a fast-moving Dilophosaurus, bird like Microraptor or elegant Brontosaurus they all had their place in the prehistoric food chain and learning more about them and how they lived is extremely exciting and interesting. Who said history can’t be fun?

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Deon always had Geckos and Chameleons (miniature dinosaurs) as pets from a young age. He had to catch his own ants and flies and moths to feed them. His one chameleon was with him for 5 years. This chameleon was only caged while he was in school. He just loved researching the different reptiles and their habitats. That led to an interest and fascination with dinosaurs. 

Deon is a little older so this was all researching info and drawings in the Encyclopedia at the library. Fred Flintstones was also great for research. But best of all was Jurassic Park. Great attention to detail, even if some of the information has been disproved. He would have loved to be involved with something like the making of Jurassic Park.

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Dinosaurs have always piqued my interest. The Jurassic Park franchise is one of my favourites. Along with watching the movies and reading the Jurassic Park books as a kid, I also watched a lot of other films, BBC documentaries, and TV shows about dinosaurs, such as The Land Before Time, Disney’s Dinosaur, Walking with Dinosaurs, Walking with Beasts, The Truth About Killer Dinosaurs, and Prehistoric Park, to name a few. 

I’ve frequented my city’s Natural History Museum as a child and as an adult. For six years, I operated a school, and it was an annual outing. Although I have no formal education in dinosaurs or paleontology, as an enthusiast and educator, I hope that my material will pique your curiosity in the land before time as much as it has piqued mine.

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Do Dinosaurs Exist Today?

All dinosaurs died after a natural tragedy… or did they? Is it possible that dinosaurs still exist among us? Not all dinosaurs perished.

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My fascination with dinosaurs began with the movie Jurassic Park (whose didn’t). I am no expert but I love reading up on them. I have studied the very basics about Paleontology in college.

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Dinosaur Evolution

The evolution of dinosaurs is a topic of ongoing scientific research. Read on to learn about the fascinating process of dinosaur evolution.

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Cathy Buggs is a retired IT Manager, who is now enjoying her life satisfying all the things she didn’t get around to when earning a living! One of her passions since childhood has been history and archeology. She studied history as a subject at school and after school had the great privilege to take part in a couple of digs, though not on anything as old as dinosaurs! 

The world as it has evolved holds great fascination for me. How the world evolved and changed through the eons is mind-boggling and provides endless avenues for entertainment, books, and study. Research and writing on historical subjects are not only fun but engrossing and you never stop uncovering amazing facts about how things were thousands of years ago.  How the ecology of the world grew, changed, morphed until we have what we would recognise today. How the land has changed from jungle, to desert, to sea and back to dry land again. It is all captivating and hopefully through these articles we can inspire you to enjoy this magnificent time in the history of the world. 

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I am fascinated by the study of dinosaurs and their life on our planet. The media often represents Dinosaurs as ferocious beasts that lived millions of years ago. These dinos rarely got a chance at stardom. I believe archaeologists should put dinosaurs in the spotlight and keep them alive in our memories. Dinosaurs were a gigantic part of our history!

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There are things in this world that never ceases to amazes me and the most remarkable of these is the notion of time. We all know that on this earth we have the past, the present, and future. We experience the present, we have hope and build for the future even though what it holds, and then we try our best to inform ourselves on what happened in the past.

Of these these three tenses, the past is most exciting and on this site you get to know more about past events and especially ancient animals that existed and ruled at the dawn of time. I am passionate and have an impressive knowledge on dinosaurs. I have been studying and doing research on these creatures since my high school days and even now into adulthood and would love to share with those who are equally enthusiastic on this subject.

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My experience with dinosaurs is limited to the primary school classroom – teaching factual information to children in an interesting and insightful way. The age group ranged from approximately 6 – 11 years. Important information was taught through the use of visual aids, stories and groupwork tasks, depending on the specific age group.

I enjoy researching information, particularly educational facts so I’m keen to expand my knowledge about dinosaurs in order to write informative, yet engaging articles.

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Roar-some Dino Crafts

Discover these Roarsome Dino Crafts for Dinosaur Fans including paper plate dinosaurs, fossil fun, excavating dino eggs, and dino lanterns!

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Ekta is a nature lover and likes to spend time outdoors exploring a variety of flora and fauna. She’s also interested in knowing about prehistoric earth and its landscape.

She believes that the findings on ancient beasts and dinosaurs can shed more light on the earth’s past, origins, and innate human nature through ongoing scientific and archeological research.
Having written several articles on nature and travel, Ekta would now like to use her expertise to write informative content on ancient beasts.

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Best Books on Dinosaurs

Your guide to ten non-fiction books on dinosaurs you should have in your collection. Read to learn more about these exciting titles!

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