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Knowing how these wonderful creatures lived and what they ate has always fascinated us. The biology of dinosaurs has taught us so much.

One of the most popular topics for adults and children alike is the biology of dinosaurs. By reconstructing the skeletal remains, scientists have an idea of how large their brains could have been, what type of food they ate, and how they chewed their meals. We even have an idea of their sizes, which is how we have comparison charts today.

How did dinosaur biology come about, and how to scientists come to these conclusions? In this section, we’ll not only take a closer look at dinosaur anatomy, but also the tools used to make these discoveries. Of course, we’ll definitely analyze their appearances, which is what we know many fans love the most.

Other aspects we’ll look at here includes cloning dinosaurs and how they could possibly return, if there were dinos with 1000 teeth, and so much more. Our articles below may even include skeletal reconstruction, and how we know which bones go where. We hope you enjoy the ride and our study of dinosaur biology.

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