Dinosaur Lego Bricks: The Potential Of Learning Through Play

"Constructing dinosaurs enhances imaginative thinking and develops spatial and problem-solving skills. Click here to view the range of products."

LEGO bricks have been a tool for learning for decades. Parents can use these LEGO brick sets to teach children about dinosaurs and the world around them. It is no surprise that the toy company has been a staple in many homes since the release of its first set. 

LEGO bricks are unique because kids can use them to make many different things. Kids can use them to build houses, cars, spaceships, and animals. The possibilities are endless. The LEGO brand always comes up with new and innovative ways to get kids interested in building their toys.

dinosaur lego bricks

LEGO 76956 - Jurassic Park T. Rex Breakout

If you’re a fan of LEGO and the 1993 movie Jurassic Park, then you’re in for a treat. This LEGO set came out on 17 April 2022 and was an absolute hit for kids and adults alike. 

This set includes 1,212 pieces and comes with two Jurassic Park Ford Explorer vehicles. One of which is technically half a car— it’s been T-Rexed! The rest of the set consists of four mini-figures who carry flares to distract the T.Rex (and protect themselves from its wrath). 

The diorama base scenery features ruins from Isla Nublar and an off-road vehicle. There are also a lot of stickers to bring the Ford Explorers to life.

The set provides children with a fun way to explore their creativity. It also encourages them to use their imaginations to build and design their world with it. This dinosaur set will also allow them to develop their fine motor skills as they work with small parts, which will help them in the future when they need to use tools such as scissors or pens. 

Children will also be able to develop their problem-solving skills by playing this game. This set is best for children in the 9 to 14 age group, but some younger children may enjoy playing with it if an adult supervises them.

LEGO 76940 - T. Rex Dinosaur Fossil Exhibition

This dinosaur set is an excellent way for kids to connect with their inner paleontologists. Kids will have fun building the T. Rex skeleton, including a baby blue Triceratops and two mini-figures. It also includes a few accessories, such as a dinosaur bone, a fossilized egg, and some tools for digging in the dirt. 

The set consists of 198 pieces and has a display base for the dinosaur fossils. Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous is a theme based on the Jurassic World movie series and came out in September 2021. 

It also comes with an instruction booklet that explains how fossils form and what they tell us about ancient dinosaurs. This booklet will help children understand the importance of preserving fossils so that future generations can enjoy them too. 

The build is easy enough for younger children but will still be engaging for older kids who love LEGOS and Jurassic World.

This LEGO set will encourage them to think about how dinosaurs lived millions of years ago and how nature preserved their bones. Kids who love LEGO are curious, enjoy learning new things, and overcome challenges. 

This set is perfect for anyone who loves dinosaurs. It allows you to create creative ways to display your dinosaur collection and make it look like an actual exhibit in a museum or campground.

LEGO 75941 - Indominus Rex vs Ankylosaurus

This set is the perfect way to introduce your child to the Jurassic World theme. It is a scene from Jurassic World, where the brothers Zach and Gray arrive at Isla Nublar and then go on a Gyrosphere joyride. 

This 537-piece set features two giant dinosaurs: an Indominus Rex dinosaur and the herbivore Ankylosaurus covered in heavy armored plates, spikes, and a club for a tail. The set has five mini-figures.

This set helps children develop their cognitive skills as they learn to follow instructions and manipulate pieces of plastic into something new. It also helps them develop their creative skills as they combine the components to create something that looks like the original product.

The Indominus Rex vs. Ankylosaurus LEGO set is an excellent way for children to learn how dinosaurs lived millions of years ago through play. Kids will also learn how they lived together with other species on earth at that time. It also allows them to see how different species evolved throughout history due to climate changes that caused them to adapt accordingly.

LEGO 75935 - Baryonyx Face-Off: The Treasure Hunt

The Jurassic World Isla Nublar Treasure Hunt set came out on 1 July 2019, and it was a hit with fans of the franchise. The set includes 434 LEGO bricks. It has four mini-figures, Red the dog, and a brand-new dinosaur species called Baryonyx.

This dinosaur has a long snout packed with sharp teeth and looks like it did in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. The dino’s name means “heavy claw” in Greek (which makes sense considering how powerful its jaws look). It’s the perfect addition to any Jurassic World collection.

The Jurassic World Isla Nublar theme gets a new character, Sinjin Prescott, a treasure hunter/explorer. Sinjin Prescott, his pet dog Red, and two other adventurers want to discover the hidden treasure. They have everything they need for their expedition, including a printed Isla Nublar treasure map and a machete.

The set also comes with a small self-contained jungle section. It includes a trailer pulled by an off-roader and has space for two mini-figures and Red, the dog, in the back.

LEGO bricks can help your child develop emotional intelligence by encouraging them to think about how other people might feel or what they need from their environment. For example, if you give your child two different-colored bricks and ask them to build something with both colors, you teach them about compromise. It means that sometimes you must give up something essential to get something else. 

You can give them two different shapes of LEGO brick and ask them to build something using only those shapes. These shapes can help them learn about compromise by showing them how sometimes we must change our expectations or behavior to make things work out better for everyone involved.

LEGO 75938 - T.Rex Vs. Dino Mech Battle

The T.Rex is back; this time, it’s not to save the humans. Instead, it’s to take on a Dino Mech. The T.Rex has a tan-colored base with a grey layer and dark brown stripes on its back. It also has an opening mouth with white teeth inside it. 

This 716-piece set is excellent for all ages and came out on 1 July 2019 with a ton of playability. The set has four mini-figures: Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Vic Hoskins, and Danny Nedermeyer. The set also includes Owen’s four baby velociraptors: Delta, Echo, Charlie, and Blue.

The Dino-mech is a 100% brick-built lime-green color, and Owen and Claire control it via remote control in their hands. The set also includes a yellow brick-built inflatable raft. You can slide apart the mountain volcano to have a treasure chest full of gold and jewels pop out at you. 

Playing with LEGOS can help build a child’s physical skills. The primary way it does this is through the child’s ability to manipulate the pieces to assemble them into different configurations, which requires a great deal of fine motor control and dexterity. 

Additionally, children must use spatial reasoning skills to understand how the pieces fit together and make sense of their overall design and how the parts work together to create a real dinosaur or mech suit.

Playing with this set also helps improve fine motor control by allowing children to use their hands to manipulate small parts to fit them into larger structures. It enables children to develop hand-eye coordination, which will help them when they learn other activities such as sports or playing musical instruments later down the road. It will also increase their chances for success when performing these activities successfully while having fun doing them.

LEGO 75937 - Triceratops Rampage

Triceratops is a massive dinosaur that roams the wilds of Isla Nublar. Triceratops has an olive color scheme with brown spots and stripes across his body, head, and frill. You can build this model using 447 pieces. It includes four mini-figures: Owen Grady, Claire Dearing, Franklin Webb, and Ian Malcolm. 

There’s also a small All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV), an entrance gate like the classic Jurassic Park gates, a green bin, and a sign indicating where mini-figures should line up. There is an orange platform for people to wait their turn to get on the ride.

The set has a signboard with directions to different parts of Jurassic World. It also has a collapsable electric fence to prevent the Triceratops from trampling all over Jurassic World visitors. You’ll also find a transparent blue panel where you can find more information on the Triceratops.

The Egg Spinner ride is a carnival attraction with three dinosaur egg seats that mini-figures can sit in. You can use a dial to rotate it to bring the ride to life. 

Playing with this set can help children develop social skills in several ways. Children will be able to practice working with their peers to complete the set, which is a great way to encourage collaboration. 

They can use the building process as an opportunity to work together on problem-solving strategies. If one piece doesn’t seem to fit or if they have a problem with the finished product, kids can talk about what went wrong and how to fix it next time.

Finally, when kids play with this set, they’ll learn how to take turns and share space. It’s a skill that is essential for life.

LEGO 75919 – Indominus Rex Breakout

The Indominus Rex Breakout set is an excellent addition to the LEGO Jurassic World collection. This set has 1156 pieces and includes one of the most famous dinosaurs from the franchise and four mini-figures. The set consists of 12 bags with different parts of the Indominus Rex breakout scene. 

The first bag contains the Gyrosphere and launchpad with a launching mechanism. The second bag has a wall section with a large glass viewing platform. The third bag includes the crane used in the movie to help Dr. Wu escape from the pen where they are holding all their dinosaurs. The fourth bag has an Observation Tower/Research Lab, which also appears in the movie when Dr. Wu first discovers Indominus Rex’s ability to camouflage itself.

In addition to these pieces that appear in the movie, several other bags with parts create a full-scale model of what you see in Jurassic World. You can build an Observation Tower/Research Lab and a Viewing Tower that shows off all these fantastic mini-figures.

Children who play with this set can use their creative skills in several ways. They can build the set, which will help them develop their spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills. They’ll have to follow a step-by-step instruction manual. It will require concentration and follow-through to complete each step successfully.

Once the children have built the set, it’s time for play. Children can use their imaginations to create all kinds of scenarios for the dinosaurs in this set: what if they escape from Jurassic World? What if they’re rescued by Owen Grady (or someone else) and brought into safety? What if dinosaurs attack our world? The possibilities are endless.

Kids can use this set as inspiration when they create their creations. Whether it’s a story, artwork, or something else, this set allows kids to think about how things work together in science fiction stories and movies like Jurassic World.

LEGO 75920 – Raptor Escape

The Raptor Escape is a set with two mini-figures and two Velociraptors. The set is a replica of the theme park featured in the Jurassic World movies and came out in 2015.

The set includes 394 pieces and features two mini-figures: Barry, who has a tranquilizer rifle in case the Velociraptors get rowdy, and Dr. Wu, who has a shock stick to keep them in line. This set’s main build is the Velociraptor pen, where Barry and Dr. Wu will spend their time keeping things calm for Charlie and Echo. 

The pen consists of a series of electric fences to keep the raptors from escaping. It’s shaped like a wonky pentagon, which is pretty cool. There are also warning tiles on the fence that say “Electric-Shock,” which is great because it adds realism to the dinosaurs in captivity. There are transparent blue rods that make up part of the fence as well—they look very cool when they’re put together.

There are also two feeding mechanisms built into this set. There is one on top of each side of the pen that looks like an elaborate feeding slot (you can see all kinds of gears inside). 

Playing with LEGO bricks can help a child develop their cognitive skills in several ways. It helps them to learn about cause and effect. When you put the blocks together, you have to be able to imagine what the final product will look like. Then you have to make sure that the pieces you’re using fit together in that way. This method helps them develop foresight ability and understand how things work together.

It gives children the chance to practice following instructions. If they’re building something from a kit or following instructions from a book, they must pay attention closely and do what they’re told. Following instructions can help them develop their attention span and focus on tasks.

It helps them learn to follow directions when working with other people. Sometimes children will build Lego projects with friends or siblings, which gives them practice collaborating with others on projects.

LEGO 75917 – Raptor Rampage

The LEGO set includes 324 pieces and three mini-figures. The set’s theme is Jurassic World, containing two Velociraptors: Delta and Blue. Owen Grady has a dark green dirt bike he uses when riding with his raptor mates.

The main build of the set is the Mobile Vet Unit, a giant white and blue truck. A rotating rooftop shooter is also on top of the Mobile Vet Unit. As a learner, you can be iterative when you have the opportunity to explore and investigate new concepts—to try, fail, and try again.

The Raptor Rampage set is an example of a set that allows for this kind of learning. This set allows children to build a raptor cage with a gate and see it in action as they play out their Jurassic World adventures.

While it’s true that failure is part of any exploration process, it’s important to remember that failure isn’t just something that happens; it’s something we can also learn from. Are the children unsure how to assemble the pieces? Do they know what the set should look like when they’re put together correctly? That’s okay. Children should try again and again until they get it right.

Final Thoughts

Learning through play is a viable alternative to traditional classroom education that is especially effective for children who are not as enthusiastic about learning. It provides avenues for critical thinking, problem solving and creativity, social development, and various other activities. 

As educators give children more opportunities to explore their world through play and hands-on activities, this teaching method can provide an educational foundation at younger ages. It can lead to a greater capacity for learning in other classroom environments because LEGO encourages the development of problem-solving skills, teamwork, and ingenuity.

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