History of Dinosaur

We wouldn’t know much about dinos if it wasn’t for dinosaur studies. Take a look at how it evolved over time.

The history of dinosaur studies spans several centuries back to when paleontology became an official science in the 1700s. However, sketches of fossils go as far back as the 1500s, and who knows what else was discovered and not recorded prior to that. It’s really fascinating to see how it changed from finer concepts to university degrees.

Of course, with the evolution of dinosaur studies comes the tools and equipment that received upgrades. Even the science itself had a new look at carbon dating and determining the different periods in the Mesozoic era. There’s so much that has changed in our understanding of dinos, and we suspect there may be more to come.

The way we believed dinosaurs looked has also changed over time and continues to do so. While we always felt they had scaly skin like reptiles, some have proposed that there were feathers involved. Be that as it may, you’ll find all our articles on the history of dinosaur studies here below.

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