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While many people focus on paleontology, there are other dinosaur academic programs available. Here are some guides on topics, curricula, and more!

The first time you search for dinosaur academic programs online, you’ll probably discover several universities that offer paleontology. However, there are many other subjects and careers you can try. For instance, Taphonomists study the actual fossilization process, while others become museum curators or dinosaur scientific researchers.

In this section, we’ll deliver several articles and guides on which dino academic programs you should pursue in specific fields. You don’t need to settle for becoming a paleontologist if you want to aim for a different avenue of income. If that is your goal, we’ll show you the curriculum in various countries and what you’ll need as a requirement to get your foot in the door.

If you’re not worried about having a career or degree in dinosaurs and just want to learn more about them, we’ll also show you some online courses available. Even if they’re mostly just for enlightenment, it doesn’t hurt to share some details on them. Make sure you check this section often for more updates.

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