Dinosaur Equipment
for Excavations

Going to excavation sites can be exciting, but you need to make sure you have the right dinosaur equipment. Let’s have a look at the varieties available.

When it comes to excavations, or dig sites as many call them, you need the right dinosaur equipment for the job. There are several levels to consider, as it depends on whether you’re a major corporation or an individual on a tour. We’re not referring to the adorable kits you buy at the store to break a toy out of clay brick.

This section covers the essential equipment you’ll need at actual dinosaur dig sites. Whether it’s bulldozers to remove large rocks or ground, shovels and drills, or the smaller tools for the finer work, there are plenty of items to cover. We’ll also help you with your academic studies as far as paleontology equipment is concerned.

The articles below will cover beginner, intermediate, and expert levels, while we’ll also differentiate between companies and individuals. If you’re heading out on a tour of the site and they give you a list of items you’ll need, we’ll show you where you can get them. So stay tuned as our content appears below.

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Dinosaur Equipmen
for Excavations

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