Are you heading to an excavation and need to know what gear to grab? We’ll show you the right tools to take and help you to prepare.

Dinosaur Field Kit

Many people that have never been to a dinosaur excavation believe that all you need is a chisel, hammer, and brush. We don’t blame them, as these are usually the items you receive in a clay dino kit when you slowly remove the toy inside. However, a paleontologist’s dinosaur field kit looks very different.

For instance, did you know that they record the sites and discoveries with a GPS and notebook? The exact location of the find is extremely important for documenting purposes. It’s also essential to have different size bags to collect fossil fragments that you’ll need to piece together later.

Our dinosaur field kit guide will show you the ropes of what you need to have with you when dealing with fossils, including protection for your eyes and body. If we discover locations where civilians interested in the craft can join, we’ll certainly give you a heads up.

Dinosaur Field Kit

In order for you to digest the information properly, we’re divided this area into different sections. Each one acts as a guide in its own way, but you can head into any one of the pages below for the collection of articles.

Here are the dinosaur field kit pages available and what each one contains:

To start with, we’ll show you the equipment you’ll need in your dinosaur field kit. See it as your utility belt for when you go fossil hunting. We’ll mark which tools you’ll need for different occasions, as not every excavation is the same.

You’ll also see we’ll indicate which equipment is essential for beginners and experts. It also depends on the nature of the dig and how many people you have going with you. If you’re a student and you need to buy some tools quickly, we’ll show you the best places.

You shouldn’t head to a dig site without some form of protective gear. That sand and dust get everywhere, especially your eyes, and you’ll need to defend your body. You’ll also need to watch out for the effects of the sun on your skin and eyes.

The environment and location also play a vital role in the clothing you’ll take with you. Some dig sites take place in snowy or icy areas, and other times you may find yourself in a cave or desert. Each one of these requires you to wear specific protective gear to ensure you don’t get hurt.

Are you wondering if there are any dinosaur excavation sites near you or in your country that you can attend? When we sit at home in the comfort of our sofas, it’s hard to tell what’s happening around us without searching on Google. Well, you can now check our site to see if there are any sites you can join for a good dig.

Of course, there are specific rules in place, and only qualified officials can usually join these sites. However, there are a few organizations that let students attend, especially where fossils are on display for that reason. Don’t worry; we’ll have all the information you’ll need to make an informed decision.

While all the above information is handy, it doesn’t guide you on everything you need to prepare for your trip. Of course, we don’t really know where you’re headed or what level of excavating you plan on doing. We can give you a general idea of how to get ready for your adventure.

We have sections for children and adults, while we’ll also separate students and interns from the mildly curious. We’ll cover every type of dinosaur field kit available, what they contain, and which one you’ll need for your specific activity.

Ok, so you have your equipment ready and your gear on, you’ve arrived at the dig site and you’re all prepared. Now what? We’re sure someone there will guide you on what you should do, but we also have some helpful tips to impress the fossil crew.

The article in this section will guide you through various ways in which fossils are excavated and collected. Not everything works with a hammer and chisel, and some will need a finer approach. Make sure you check these tips before you break a bone worth millions!

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