Dinosaur Photography

Dinosaur photography covers various fields, such as fossil photos or digital representations of these ancient beasts. We’ll show you some of the best ones we’ve seen so far.

When we talk about dinosaur photography, we aren’t referring to actual photos taken during the Mesozoic period or fake news about dinos spotted in the modern age. Instead, we’re talking about images of aspects related to them, such as fossils and paleontological equipment at excavation sites. Some even go as far as taking photos of dino landscapes they created at home.

We also bear in mind digital photography in today’s technological world. Some people have a talent for recreating these magnificent creatures or the geographical environment of prehistoric times. We love to hunt down these beautiful pieces and place them on display with the owner’s permission.

As with the art segment, we will also host competitions for dinosaur photography. If you have something fascinating to show us with regards to dinos, we want to see it! We’ll also try to have specific themes for these events.

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