Dinosaur Books

Dinosaur books open our minds to what life was like for the ancient beasts in prehistoric times. We review fiction and non-fiction paperbacks, comics, magazines, and more!

Did you also grow up during a time where there were dinosaur books and magazines throughout your local store? The only thing that changed since then is that there’s more variety available today with improved visuals. We also have other media covering these exotic creatures, especially comics.

No, we aren’t only referring to Devil Dinosaur from Marvel Comics. You’d be surprised just how much literature contains these ancient beasts. There are so many hardcover and paperback books online and in the library, both fictional and factual. We’re especially fond of the science fiction ones that take the characters back in time.

Our team takes a good look at as many dinosaur books as we can find, letting you know if they are worth buying or reading. We’ll also give you our honest opinion on how we feel about them. You can expect news on upcoming releases, too.

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