Dinosaur Apps

Dinsaur apps for mobile devices and PCs help us gain quick information or serve entertainment purposes. Read which ones are the best to download.

When we say ‘dinosaur apps’, you’re probably thinking about games. However, there are plenty of other types of applications for smartphones, tablets, and emulators on PC. If there is an app designed to cover prehistoric beasts, we’ll discuss it in this section.

One example is educational apps teaching children how to count or read with dinosaurs. There are also applications that aid with getting them to sleep at night. While some of these do contain some form of game entertainment, we’ll cover them here separately.

Of course, there are companion dinosaur apps for games, while others contain factual information about many species. When our Ancient Beasts app goes live, we’ll make sure to include a download link on this page. For now, you can read about the others here below.

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