Dinosaur entertainment has taken the world by storm in several industries. From movies to games, there are so many elements you can enjoy, and we’ll review them all!


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, or within one like a fossil, you’ll know that dinosaur entertainment is huge worldwide. When the first Jurassic Park movie appeared, dino fans went wild. Since then, we’ve seen several games appear over various platforms, with the LEGO version popular with children and adults alike.

In this section, we’ll take a look at the various forms of dinosaur entertainment available. There are so many mobile games and apps you’ll find, while there’s also a variety of dino books. We know how many of our team members enjoy making dino paintings and other art types, while there are digital screenshots of in-game content and photos of fossils and museums.

We’ll look for more ways to share the enjoyment of dinosaurs in the entertainment industry with you. You’ll see game, movie, or book reviews, and perhaps we’ll run come art competitions in time to come.

Dinosaur Entertainment

It shouldn’t be surprising that our dinosaur entertainment sections are more than most of the others on our Ancient Beasts site. It certainly has the most popular aspects, especially for hardcore fans.

Let’s take a look at what each section covers.

We’re sure many of you know some of the greatest dinosaur movies and TV shows to grace the big and small screen. Jurassic Park was probably one of the most significant, but there were many before and after you may not know about. Whether CGI or animation, they have some impact on us.

In this section of Dinosaur Entertainment, our team takes an expert look at how enjoyable they are and whether you should watch them. They may even take a poke at how much scientific accuracy there is and whether it really matters in terms of entertainment value. We’ll also share what we’d like to see more of in future dino movies.

Most of the dinosaur games we enjoy today are based in some form on movies. These usually have a specific start and end and follow the general plot, with some humor thrown in for good measure (LEGO, we’re looking at you). Then there are others that throw you in a massive open world where you need to survive and tame dinos, or pit you against other online players.

We’ll delve into the popular dino games that most players know with some lesser-known ones in between. Not only will they be expert game reviews, but we’ll create pages will hints, tips, and guides for collecting the resources and species in titles like ARK: Survival Evolved. You’ll also see information on any games we’re aware of that are currently in development.

Most of us adults today who love dinos developed this passion from dinosaur books, magazines, or comics in our past. While most of the modern content is either online or in the form of ebooks, there are still some paperbacks and hardcovers available in libraries and online stores. From non-fiction to fiction, there’s an entire world of literature out there to discover.

Ancient Beasts book experts will do their best to keep you up-to-date with the latest titles while looking at some of the classics. There may even be a few dinosaur books roaming around that they never knew existed. Stay tuned for some reviews and news related to these items.

Did you know that there are several mobile dinosaur apps in the marketplace? Some of them are games you can play, while others are companion applications to these titles. There are a few that solely focus on dino information, but not as many as we’d like.

Well, we’re hoping to change that. While Ancient Beasts works on its own mobile app, we’ll show you which apps you should look at, which to avoid, and review several of them for you to make your own choice.

We love dinosaur art! As a matter of fact, some of our Ancient Beasts writers have been drawing dinos and fossils from a very young age. We know how many of you love to paint or sketch them, so we’ll be delving into social media to see which ones we really like while also giving some tips.

You may even see a dino art competition from time to time where we invite you to submit your work with specific themes. We’ll also try to add several categories when we reach this stage. So stay tuned for some impressive artwork in time to come.

Besides art, there’s plenty of dinosaur photography online that mainly deals with fossils, excavations, and exhibitions. While we can find many of these online, we want to know from you whether you have an awesome photo you’d like to share with us. You may have a hidden treasure without knowing about it.

In this section, we’ll also deal with digital photography, where creators craft designs of what they believe dinosaurs may have looked like. It’s a mixture of art and photography, and we’ll make sure we hold competitions for these too.

Have you seen how many dinosaur collectibles you can find in a toy or online store? Whether robots or small display items made for children, there are so many available that you could drown in them. Some people collect Star Wars or Marvel characters, but we love to have our homes and gardens filled with dinos.

We’ll look at outdoor and indoor collectibles, as well as focus on adult and children varieties. For the office executive who works from home or work environment, we’ll also showcase some mugs or desk items to keep you company. We’ll make sure you always have a smile on your face.

Many people will tell you (we didn’t want to use the terms ‘geeks’ or ‘nerds’) that collectibles are not the same as toys (see Big Bang Theory series). With collectibles, you mostly put them on display for everyone else to gawk at in wonder. You can actually play with toys, so we’ll cover them here separately.

We also generally associate dinosaur toys with children, but we’ll make sure that the adults feel included too. There may be plenty of robotics involved, and we’ll even show you how to build your own prehistoric terrain. It’s all in the name of fun, right?

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