"Welcome to our fourth dinosaur crossword puzzle, and there are many more to come! Do your best to solve the puzzle using the clues!"

Dinosaur Crossword Puzzle Week 4

We’re into the fourth week of our dinosaur crossword puzzles, and that means it’s basically been a month of these fun word games. Today, we’re finally creating our own one and not relying on others for this entertainment. We’re going to see how much you paid attention to our latest news. We don’t want you to just read the articles; we want you to absorb them!

Week 4 Dinosaur Crossword Puzzle: Intermediate

As mentioned, we’re shifting focus from other people’s dinosaur crossword puzzles to our own. This word game is based on our news article about the Hadrosaur skin that was discovered on a fossil recently. It’s a discovery that has many paleontologists and scientists excited, as it isn’t that often that we see skin still attached to fossilized bones.

In the puzzle, you’ll need to identify the names and words we have listed in our article. You won’t be able to find the solution anywhere else. That means that using Google to search for the answers won’t save you this time. You’ll actually need to do the work and read our articles.

Fortunately, this news article is quite exciting. We’re sure it will spur quite a conversation once we get our forums going. Hopefully, the scientists can draw enough data from the skin once they safely excavate it to present us with new information on the dinosaurs. So get started and see if you can complete the puzzle!

dinosaur crossword week 4

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