"Welcome to our third dinosaur crossword puzzle, and there are many more to come! Do your best to solve the puzzle using the clues!"

Dinosaur Crossword Puzzle Week 3

Here we are again for our weekly dinosaur crossword puzzle. We aimed for one that was incredibly challenging just to see how much you actually know about these ancient beasts. It doesn’t only have dinos, but there are other prehistoric creatures thrown in for good measure. We didn’t create this one, so don’t even ask us for the answers. This one is all you.

Week 3 Dinosaur Crossword Puzzle: Challenging

The theme of this puzzle is called: “Dinosaurs, Ice Age Era Creatures, Sea Creatures, and Pterasaurs!!!” It deals with popular names you should recognize. There are even myths thrown in for good measure, which you should know about if you watched Jurassic Park.

We also have some excellent news lined up for the rest of this week. There is a special gala event at a museum we want to tell you about, while there was also a dinosaur discovery with some skin included. We’ll also have some interesting youth programs to share with you.

Last week we definitely had some fun presenting some dinosaur news with you. We saw how T.Rex’s eye became smaller as it evolved with a stronger bite force. Also, it seems like Ichthyosaurs learnt how to share by developing different types of snouts. Now, isn’t that something spectacular that we could learn from?

dinosaur crossword week 3

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