"Welcome to our second dinosaur crossword puzzle, and there are many more to come! Do your best to solve the puzzle using the clues!"

Dinosaur Crossword Puzzle Week 2

It’s time again for our weekly dinosaur crossword puzzle. This one is a bit more challenging, and you may need to think hard about the possible solution. The clues might give you a hint as to what it is, but you’ll need some answers to help you with the other words. Good luck!

Week 2 Dinosaur Crossword Puzzle: Challenging

I hope you enjoyed week 1’s dinosaur crossword puzzle. We found these puzzles online, which we like completing ourselves. While some of them are a bit challenging, they’re still fun to do in your spare time. The best part is you don’t need to leave our site to enter the words.

We’ll soon be creating our own puzzles for Ancient Beasts. We’ll make it easier by basing it on one of our recently posted articles or news. In this way, you don’t need to worry about ambiguity or references are just too general. I mean, a clue that says a herbivore from the Jurassic Period doesn’t really narrow it down.

When you have a reference to base it on, it makes the task so much easier. I won’t make it too easy, though. You’re still going to have to read the news if you want to find the solution to the question. Sure, it’s kind of like cheating, but it’s better than staring blankly at the page for hours.

dinosaur crossword week 2

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Shaun M Jooste


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