"Welcome to our first dinosaur crossword puzzle, and there are many more to come! Do your best to solve the puzzle using the clues!"

Dinosaur Crossword Puzzle Week 1

Welcome to our first dinosaur crossword puzzle! We decided to do something more interactive with our readers so you can enjoy your time with us a bit more. The puzzle below was created by someone on CrossWordLabs, but we’re hoping to make our own very soon.

Week 1 Dinosaur Crossword Puzzle: Moderate

This first dinosaur crossword puzzle might be slightly tricky. While some clues are specific, others are incredibly generic and may take some initial guessing. Even we struggled with some of the answers, as there are so many possible solutions to some of the questions.

We’ll be working on some basic dino puzzles in time to come so that beginners won’t feel so intimidated by them. Of course, we’ll also create some challenging ones for the veteran readers among us. In this way, everyone can enjoy spending some time completing puzzles when not reading our articles.

We’re planning to host a puzzle once a week, with all intentions being every Monday. Please let us know if you manage to complete the puzzle for Week 1 and what you thought of it. We welcome any suggestions for more games like this that you will enjoy in between reading the articles.

So, stay tuned for our weekly dinosaur crossword puzzles to tease your brain and test your dino knowledge. We’re sure you’ll solve them in no time.

dinosaur crossword week 1

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