Best Books on Dinosaurs

"Your guide to ten non-fiction books on dinosaurs you should have in your collection. Read to learn more about these exciting titles!"

Every year, you’ll learn about discoveries on dinosaurs and the ancient world. If you want to have verified information on dinosaurs and their life in prehistoric times, it’s best to read literature on this subject written by experts. In this post, we bring you ten books that you should read to know more about dinosaurs, including their biology, diet, evolution, extinction, etc.

Most of the books below contain comprehensive information about the ancient beasts that will shed light on anything you want to know about them. So, let’s dive in.

Best Books on Dinosaurs

The Rise And Fall Of Dinosaurs: A New History Of A Lost World

Author: Steve Brusatte

Publication year: 2018

The bestselling book “The Rise and Fall of Dinosaurs” is one of the most revelatory books on dinosaurs, starting from the evolution of the ancient beasts to their extinction. You can also learn about the author’s and his colleagues’ global expeditions and their findings on dinosaurs.

Steve Brusatte’s masterfully narrated saga of the prehistoric world, embellished with seventy photographs and illustrations, is sure to captivate the audience. According to Scientific American, this book is the ultimate dinosaur biography.

The Dinosaur Heresies: New Theories Unlocking The Mystery Of The Dinosaurs And Their Extinction

Author: Robert T. Bakker

Publication year: 1986

First published in the 1980s, The Dinosaur Heresies is one of the seminal works on this subject. The author details the habits of dinosaurs, their metabolism, diet, and other aspects of their biology.

If you thought dinosaurs to be cold-blooded, lizard-like creatures, this revolutionary book manages to debunk that idea. You’ll also learn about the dinosaur-bird connection and other theories through this book, including the events leading to their extinction.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs

Author: Robert Saburda and Matthew Reinhart

Publication year: 2005

If you want a coffee table book with colorful pop-up illustrations, the New York Times Bestseller Encyclopedia Prehistorica is an excellent option. Appealing to adults and kids alike, it doesn’t just contain the pop-up dinosaurs springing out on you; it also contains fascinating facts about the ancient beasts and paleontology. It’s a great addition to your library, and you’ll never get bored of this amazing piece of art.

Dinosaurs – The Grand Tour

Author: Keiron Pim and John “Jack” Horner

Publication year: 2014

Dinosaurs – The Grand Tour contains every information you want to know about 300 types of dinosaurs with colorful illustrations on almost every page. Whether it’s dinosaur anatomy, geology, or their evolution, this book has it all! You can also find a lot of information on the expeditions, including the latest paleontological research in this field. The book has received rave reviews from NBC Science News, Huffington Post, Staten Island Advance, and the likes.

The Dinosauria

Authors/Editors: David B. Weishampel, Peter Dodson, Halszka Osmólska

Publication year: 1990

The Dinosauria is a scholarly reference work on the Mesozoic beasts authored by 44 specialists. If you’re passionate about dinosaurs and deeply interested in detailed information on every aspect of their lives, such as their history, systematics, and anatomy, this book has it all. If topics like taphonomy, paleoecology, or thermoregulation stimulate your mind, look no further and get a copy of The Dinosauria.

Dinosaurs: The Most Complete Up-To-Date Encyclopedia For Dinosaur Lovers Of All Ages

Author: Thomas R. Holtz Jr.

Publication year: 2007

If you’re a dinophile, the award-winning encyclopedia Dinosaurs is what you need in your book collection. Its casual writing with high-quality illustrations will make the reading experience easy to comprehend, especially if you’re an amateur in the subject.

Also nicknamed “The Dinosaur Bible” by enthusiasts, you’ll find info on 800+ species of dinosaurs and sidebars by famous paleontologists in this book. It’s a truly entertaining and informative read for readers of all ages.

The Complete Illustrated Encyclopedia Of Dinosaurs

Author: Dougal Dixon

Publication year: 2014

This encyclopedia has profiles of all known dinosaurs from all three periods of the Mesozoic era. You can also find illustrations on each entry and info on the fossil discovery. The author Dougal Dixon is a renowned Scottish geologist and paleontologist specializing in earth sciences, with several published scientific works. He’s also a trustee of the Dinosaur Society.

Prehistoric Life: The Definitive Visual History Of Life On Earth

Author: DK Publishing

Publication year: 2009

Prehistoric Life by DK gives you a glimpse into life on earth 3.8 billion years ago. Not just the dinosaurs, it covers details on bacteria, plants, birds, reptiles, and other life forms. You get a whole picture of the prehistoric world with the aid of breathtaking artwork and images of fossils and skeletons. In the last section of the book, you’ll also explore the evolution of Homo sapiens. This coffee table book with stunning visuals will be part of your collection forever.

Princeton Field Guide To Dinosaurs

Author: Gregory S. Paul

Publication year: 2010

Whether you’re an amateur dinosaur enthusiast or a professional, Princeton Field Guide is a great book for you. It contains info on 750+ species and updates on the new discoveries. You’ll also find 700+ illustrations of dinosaurs, their skeletons, scenic vistas, life studies, etc. From biology to the extinction of dinosaurs, this must-have reference book has all the answers you seek. It has also received excellent reviews by the Smithsonian Mag, Scientific American, and USA Today, among many others.

The Dinosaur Artist: Obsession, Betrayal, And The Quest For Earth’s Ultimate Trophy

Author: Paige Williams

Publication year: 2018

If you’re in the mood to read an offbeat book on dinosaurs, this bizarre tale of fossil trafficking will interest you. The Dinosaur Artist is about a Tyrannosaurus skeleton from Mongolia sold in an auction in Manhattan, New York, in 2012 for over $1 million. The skeleton was initially brought to the United States by a Floridian man named Prokopi. A few months later, Prokopi was arrested for smuggling illegal goods, among other charges. This story exemplifies narrative journalism and will open your eyes to the shady business of fossil hunting.

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Best Books on Dinosaurs

Your guide to ten non-fiction books on dinosaurs you should have in your collection. Read to learn more about these exciting titles!

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