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You’re about to embark on an exciting journey you won’t find anywhere else on the internet! Ancient Beasts is a website dedicated to dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. As you can see from the main menu, we’re planning to cover as many aspects related to them as possible. 

It’s not simply to provide quick stats on dinos like Tyrannosaurus Rex or Spinosaurus. We endeavor to become a singular, massive library online to everything you’ll ever need to know about prehistoric times.


We have many fun pages for you to explore, a portal to the world of the ancient beasts. Here are some of the top ones to start with!
Flying Dino
Learning Center

Interested in an academic approach to dinosaurs? We’ll show you which degrees or diplomas are available, and what the topics consist of. You’ll also see some online courses that may interest you.

World of Dinosaurs

If you love dinosaur facts on various species and families, you’ll want to enter this area. We’ll cover as many as possible, hoping to have them all in our online Ancient Beasts library. Head here for a tour into the world of dinos.

Dinosaur Field Kit

We’re sure many of you would love to go on a dinosaur expedition to dig up some fossils. Perhaps you’re a student, and you need to head to a dig site as part of your assignment. Check our pages for what you’ll need.


While dinosaurs certainly interest us, it’s exciting to see what the land was like where they lived. The geography was so different back then, and we’ll be sure to investigate every aspect of paleogeography here.


There are major dinosaur findings every year. It’s so easy to miss this news with everything happening in the world today. Be sure to check this section when you want to know more about dino events, exhibitions, and expeditions.


Most of you visiting our Ancient Beasts site for dinosaurs are probably coming here for the entertainment value. In this section, we’ll cover video and board games, movies, books, toys, and so much more related to these prehistoric creatures.

Dinosaur Games

Recent Articles


We’re working on a section where our dinosaur experts will answer several questions usually found in university or college exams so we can help you with your studies. We also want to make sure we cover any queries anyone else may have outside of the academic industry. You can click on the button to send us any questions you’d like us to answer.

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